Rachel (lil_hodosh) wrote,


I wasted my spring break. I cannot believe I did that. I should have done so much work and had a much less stressful week this week and rest of the semester but I did not do anything. How can I be so dumb? I wanted to relax, but I did not have the time to take a week off. I have so much to do. I want this semester to go well. I do not want to ruin the grades I have gotten so far and I am sooooo nervous about them. There is so much to think about and process and I hope I can get it all straightened out. My mind is always in a million places and stretched in every direction and I want it to end. I want to have all of the tests behind me and feel good about how I did on them. I went to see my Bubby on Sunday and I wish I could see her more.
She as been there a year, as of Sunday. I cannot believe it. I miss her sooooo much. I was sooooo mean to her when she lived with us and I wish there was some way that I could take it all back. I do not know why I never realized ow important we was to me. She is everything to me and I cannot lose her. She wants me to do good in school and I want to for her. I want her to be proud of me. I love her. I miss the ways tings used to be.
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