Rachel (lil_hodosh) wrote,

sophomore year

ok so I miss summer soooo much....I knew I would though because I hate the stress of schoolwork so much that I avoid it at all cost and put more stress on myself. I have been home both weekends so far....and I might be going back friday night....
I am so scared to like fail pharmacy school....there is just so much to do and there are only 13 weeks until winter break. I have to learn so much and get so much done in that time and I am nervous....
I wanted to keep my GPA up and I don't know how that will ever happen with my lack of drive right now.....
first tests are in two weeks....freaking out.....
I just want to be home all the time I am so close to my family and matt and this blows....talking on the phone is not the same. I just want to cry lie all the time. I am def not a city person and did not miss anything about being here. I am happy with my choice to come here and I love the campus and stuff but I just would rather be home.
I worked all weekend....I love my job I just feel dumb sometimes and I do not want my co workers to tell my mom they think I am dumb. I also hate that I did not feel like I even went home at all this weekend because I was always at work. I would rather work full time then go to school and work. That is why I am so looking forward to co-ops....it will be amazing to live at home with my parents again....
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